Louisiana State Board of Nursing Collaborative Practice Agreement


The Louisiana State Board of Nursing (LSBN) has implemented a collaborative practice agreement (CPA) requirement for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and their collaborating physicians. This agreement is an essential component that permits APRNs to provide high-quality, patient-centered care while collaborating with their physician counterparts.

The CPA agreement outlines the scope of practice and the responsibilities of the APRN and collaborating physician. In Louisiana, APRNs include nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives. The collaborating physicians can be any physician who has an active Louisiana medical license.

One of the primary benefits of a CPA is that it increases access to healthcare for patients in underserved areas by allowing APRNs to practice to the full extent of their education and certification. In Louisiana, APRNs have unrestricted prescribing authority for non-controlled substances and controlled substances that are consistent with their scope of practice.

The CPA is a legally binding document that protects both the APRN and the physician. It establishes the APRN`s authority to diagnose, treat, and manage patients` healthcare needs within the scope of practice. The agreement also clearly defines the physician`s role in providing consultation, collaboration, and supervision of the APRN`s practice.

The LSBN requires APRNs to submit their CPA to the board for approval and to update it annually or as needed. The agreement must include the APRN`s and physician`s signatures, and it must be kept on file at all times for the practice.

In summary, the Louisiana State Board of Nursing`s collaborative practice agreement is a vital component in providing high-quality patient care, improving access to healthcare in underserved areas, and protecting the APRN and physician in a legal and regulatory sense. If you are an APRN in Louisiana, ensure that you comply with the LSBN`s CPA requirement to continue to provide high-quality care to your patients.